Chelsea should recall Tammy Abraham

Chelsea FC should do the unheard of and use their use system rather than buy an overpriced, overage, forward that they neither want nor need.

Chelsea FC has embarrassingly been linked with a laundry list of forwards that they don’t really want and who will not help the squad actually improve.  They are being linked with expensive and overage options for players who will deepen the squad but not necessarily improve it.  They shouldn’t sign any of these options and they should recall Tammy Abraham.

Rather than signing a player who will cost the club upwards of 30 million pounds in fee and salary Chelsea should simply recall Tammy Abraham.

The club is obviously interested in a target man.  Abraham is 6’3” and 81kgs.  There’s not a reason in the world why Chelsea should make a mistake like spending 40 million pounds on a soon to be 32-year-old Edin Dzeko.

Abraham is already being wasted at Swansea as the club is so far down the table they’ve stopped playing proper football and are panicking.  Abraham isn’t getting developed and would be better off playing for Morata as a substitute and in every second or third match for Chelsea while collecting 15-20 minutes at the end of matches for the blues.

Abraham’s future is too important to Chelsea for them to simply let him waste away on loan at Swansea.

Chelsea would be making a stupid mistake in spending the money on a back-up rather than simply recalling Tammy from loan.  They would be better off spending the 50 million on Sandro and then adding Abraham back to the squad.

Most of Chelsea’s needs for squad depth this season could easily be solved by simply recalling loan players.  If those players are good enough then they should be earning their way into the team in training. There comes a certain point where they’re going to have to prove themselves properly and this is one of them.

If Chelsea are so desperate for depth they should look inward not outward.  Save the money and buy actual star players when needed instead of wasting it providing useless depth and low-quality players to the side and then firing the manager when those players don’t perform.  Chelsea currently lacks an identity and a backbone.

Those are two things that homegrown players who are worth their salt and earned their time in the team always provide.  At some point sooner or later Chelsea will need to realize this.

A recall of Tammy Abraham would be a good place to start.