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According to an announcement made by the team on Wednesday, the Washington Commanders have given quarterback Carson Wentz the go-ahead to resume practicing.

Following the team’s victory over the Chicago Bears in Week 6, Wentz suffered a broken finger and was subsequently placed on injured reserve. He has not played for the team since then. This marks the beginning of the 21-day period in which the organization has the opportunity to add Wentz to its active roster and play him in games. In the event that this does not occur, the Commanders are obligated to transfer him back to the injured reserve before the end of the given period.

Since taking over as the starter as quarterback for the Commanders, Taylor Heinecke has led the team to a 4-1 record overall. According to the announcement made by head coach Ron Rivera, Heinecke will continue to serve as the team’s starting quarterback, while Wentz will slot in as the team’s backup quarterback once he is well again. Wentz is not yet ready to take over as the starting quarterback, so Rivera told reporters on Wednesday that youngster Sam Howell will continue to serve as the backup for Heinecke over the weekend.

On October 17, Wentz had successful surgery performed on the hand that he uses for throwing, and he immediately began rehabilitation after the procedure. Rivera stated that Wentz has maintained a healthy body since the injury and received clearance to start throwing again one week ago.

Wentz was acquired by the Commanders in a trade during the offseason, and he immediately assumed the starting quarterback role for the team. Over the course of the team’s first six games, he completed 144 of 232 passes (62.1%) for 1,489 yards, 10 touchdown passes, and six interceptions. Wentz also had a total of 23 sacks taken against him, six fumbles (of which he lost one), and 79 yards gained on the ground. In games that Wentz started for Washington, the team had a record of 2-4.

Heinecke has made five starts so far this season and has thrown for 1,031 yards, five touchdowns, and four interceptions. He has completed 90 of 148 passes (60.8%), which is a completion percentage. In addition to being sacked nine times and losing one of those fumbles, he has also gained 62 yards on the ground and scored a touchdown.

The 6-5 Commanders will play home to the 5-6 Falcons on Sunday, and then they will play back-to-back games against the New York Giants, with a bye week in between the two sets of games.

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