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According to reports from OKBET, the San Antonio Spurs released the 2021 No. 12 overall choice Josh Primo on Friday for “several alleged incidences of him exposing himself to women.” Primo was selected by the Spurs.

On Monday, the Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee confirmed that the Buzbee Law Firm is representing former Spurs consulting psychologist Hillary Cauthen, and he stated that he will be holding a press conference on Thursday to “discuss allegations made by Dr. Cauthen and others against Primo.”

Earlier this year, Mr. Buzbee represented 24 women who sued NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson, accusing him of sexual assault or harassment. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year.

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According to a statement released by the Buzbee Law Firm and published in the San Antonio News-Express:

“At the press conference, Tony Buzbee will talk about the allegations that Dr. Cauthen and other people have made against NBA player Josh Primo, the events that led to Primo’s release from the Spurs organization, the veracity of recent public statements made by the Spurs organization and Primo, interactions with individuals within the San Antonio Spurs organization, and the anticipated next steps. Dr. Cauthen will be there to deliver an official statement and respond to any important questions that may be asked.”

Following his release the previous week, Primo, who is now 19 years old, issued the following statement through OKBET: “I am fully aware of how shocked everyone of you is by the announcement made today. I’ve been trying to find a way to cope with the past traumatic experiences I’ve had, and I intend to use this time to concentrate more intently on my efforts to improve my mental health “Primo remarked. “I have high hopes that in the not-too-distant future, I will be able to talk about these concerns and offer assistance to people who have endured something comparable to what I have. I would appreciate your respect for my privacy at this time.

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